Website and Corporate ID.

When I first visited Siamtwist, I was impressed with the coffee but then after sampling the food — cooked by Thai chefs — was hooked.

At that time, owner Andrew was attempting to create a rudimentary WordPress website himself.

I offered a much better creation and the partnership began.

Block of kaki colour with word Fred signed across

Website design.

I initially created the website in 2018 but re-designed the homepage late in 2022 to reflect current styles better.

The 4-column layout allows me to show a multitude of information neatly and individually so that viewers on all devices see the opening hours, address, and phone number quickly and easily. Google research shows that many viewers use a web homepage as a quick ‘lookup’ for those details.

Block of kaki colour with word Fred signed across

Corporate Id.

The original Siamtwist logo was not created by me. Rather than totally redesign it, I extended it to include graphics that visually explain the combination of Thai Restaurant and coffee shop that it is. I kept the original typeface — Fertigo — I retained for the name text but reduced the use of the ‘S’ logo and will evetually remove it.

The simple strong black line style works well for a website and for printing. The vibrant colours follow from the original logo.

Corporate Id Print.

Currently the only printed item in the Corporate Id is a business card.

My design follows my love of ‘sectioning’ off bits and pieces so each item of information stands on its own better.

Readability is improved.

Clearer understanding of each section is hopefully improved.

Colours follow corporate style.