I have been creating websites since the early 1990s.

And, boy have they changed since then. The early ones had very few photos — very small ones — as the dial-up modems of the time were extremely slow!

Early on I built and maintained html websites In the last 15 years I have been creating WordPress websites along with a visual builder called ‘Divi’. The combination allows me to create stunning and effective web solutions from simple pages to shopping carts with payment systems.

Below I show you a few.

And of course this website is created, maintained and updated by me.







Some work.

Nancy Tingey website homepage

Nancy Tingey Website

Nancy Tingey website website is still under construction in 2023 even though most pages are fully built. Nancy is documenting what can be sold in the ‘Shop’. Nancy was awarded an OAM in 2019 for her work creating Painting for people with Parkinsons.

SiamTwist website homepage

Siam Twist Website

SiamTwist website homepage shows ‘today’s specials’ along with necessary information on ‘where’, ‘when’ and the main menu. I continue to maintain the website but Takeaway is linked to an external source where I have no design control.

The Canberra Potters website homepage as it was in 2020

Canberra Potters Website

Canberra Potters needed to up-to-date their website in 2019 so they engaged me to create a new look along with a shopping cart.
The image above is what I designed and maintained for a while. I handed management back in 2021.

Nancy Tingey website homepage

The Framing Store Website

I designed The Framing Store website in 2017. The current design is primarily the same as I created back then. Important information is clearly shown high on the home page. Google Analytics proves it receives plenty of visitors.

Nancy Tingey website homepage

Canberra Rotary Peace Bell

I designed The Canberra Rotary Peace Bell website in 2017. I continually up-date the design to keep it fresh. This charity production was created for my Rotary Club — Canberra Burley Griffin club — and I continue to maintain it.

Nancy Tingey website homepage

Mynd Centre Website

This Mynd Centre website was created by me in 2020. The site is about mentoring and wellness and is for Beth Lewis’ business. The colours reflect the female-led support and now include a shopping cart and membership plugin connection.

Nancy Tingey website homepage

Rick Cochrane Art Website

I first designed Rick’s website in 2016. Rick is an old friend and printer representative I have worked with for many years. Rick was President of Canberra Art Workshop in Griffith, a website I also designed. Shortly in late October 2023, I will be re-designing the website and adding a shopping cart.

Nancy Tingey website homepage

MyBigBrag Website

I created MyBigBrag website in 2015 to promote photographic restorations I was producing then. The site continues to improve and re-fresh each year and specialises in ‘personal Canberran’ support and care.

The homepage of the Canberra Art Workshop as it was in 2021.

Canberra Art Workshop Website

Originally designed in 2016 by me and maintained until 2021. This art website was a challenge in presenting the huge number of workshops and training sessions offered by the workshop. A WooCommerce shopping cart was connected to a payment gateway, and a membership plugin was purchased. I re-designed the homepage in 2021.